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Traffic Counts

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MarketMAPS now offers Kalibrate on your maps for the United States and Canada
Traffic Count Data
MarketMAPS now offers Traffic Counts provided by Kalibrate in database formats, on maps, reports and web applications. Kalibrate is the premier provider of traffic counts for the US, major markets in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Kalibrate has collected over 1.2 million traffic volume counts at more than 1,000,000 traffic data points. Kalibrate canvases almost 6,000 sources nationwide to collect this mission critical data. These sources include city governments, engineering firms, highway and transportation departments. This database covers both urban and rural street, major road and highway networks.

For retailers and owners of companies whose economic success relies on daytime population and activities, Kalibrate traffic count data is a key element to analyze this information successfully.

The Kalibrate traffic count database also contains historical count information so users can analyze the growth or decline of traffic activity in their service area.

We offer licensing options by state, region county, ZIP Code, ring and/or drive time trade areas. Users of the Kalibrate data can order the traffic count data in digital format or on a hardcopy or digital map of a specifically defined trade area or territory.
Drive Time Sample Radius Distance Sample Single ZIP Code Sample
Kalibrate Benefits
- Ability to make better and more accurate business decisions about site and territory analysis.
- Local site information on presentation quality maps.
Maps can be created using traffic counts. The location of the traffic points can either be labeled with the count value or as an option, graduated symbols can be used with a corresponding legend when the map contains too many points. A directional and distance report will accompany each map which will display the following information:
- Most recent traffic count
- Distance & direction for a subject location (in descending order)
- Year the count was taken
- Nearest cross street, etc
Kalibrate Features
- Frequently updated traffic counts
- Support of all major GIS formats
- Coverage available for the entire US
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