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Succeed in New Locations Where are Your Competitors?

April 14, 2021
Competitor's location on a map.

Understand the Effect Your Competitors Have on Your Business

Franchisees X and Y opened new locations recently. Both appeared to do everything correctly, from researching locations to targeted marketing. However, X performed better than Y. What made the difference? 55% of all failed businesses last year said they did not understand their competition.

Location Map

Know Your Competitor's Locations

Before choosing your site location, visualize your competitors’ locations on a map. Competitive advantage is gained through understanding the competition's strengths and weaknesses. You can see this information on business location maps and adapt your strategies. Gather the information necessary to crush the competition!

Learn from Your Competition

Where your competition is located shows their market strategy. Your competition has spent time and money finding out what works. Add demographic data to your maps and use this information to your advantage. MarketMAPS offers up-to-date demographic and geographic data on business location maps that go beyond the limited capabilities of traditional data reports. Get accurate comprehensive information and gain insights about your competitors!

Site Selection Map
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