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Custom Maps with Customer Locations


Understand your markets and customer locations
on custom maps of your business area.
Detailed and descriptive custom maps bring your
customer data to the forefront of customer
analytics and help you develop business
strategies for growth.
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And create your custom map today!
Understand Markets & Customer Locations on Maps
Create a custom map of your customer locations with MarketMAPS’ map specialists. Map customer locations across
the USA or within a 5 mile radius of your store location. Our clients make leaps in furthering their understanding of the
relationship between customers, driving routes, neighborhoods and locations. This is the elevated level of
understanding and customer analytics that drives your business growth.
Displaying customer locations on maps help you analyze your market coverage. Visualize customer locations in
relation to demographics, sales data, and other datasets. View target customers in nearby neighborhoods when
planning your business strategies and marketing campaigns.

Profile Customers
Blue dots mark customers who spend on average $150 a year, while Red does indicate those who spend over $450 on this stores products Blue dots mark customers who spend on average
$150 a year, while Red dots indicate those who
spend over $450 on this stores products.
View your customers around your store location. View your customers around your store location.
Map customer locations to profile customers by similar factors. Custom maps
display the information you need to analyze, segment and target customers.
Visualize information to better find patterns and demographic trends that will
help you understand your customers’ needs. With this quality and level of
understanding, you can target customers precisely, better meet your
customers’ needs and develop a loyal customer base.
Design Sales Territories
Define sales territory boundaries to cover market areas effectively.
Visualize customer density to balance sales territories. Increase your sales
team's cooperation with maps that clearly define territory boundaries
and provide insights into customer locations.
Visualize Routes
How do your customers get to your stores? View customers' proximity to
major roads, highways, competitor locations and customer locations on
maps. MarketMAPS clients find this strategic and insightful approach
especially helpful when determining where to open new locations or why
customer activity has increased or dropped off in certain locations.
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