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Demographic Data

MarketMaps offers Demographic Data from the highest quality data providers

  • AGS
  • Nielsen
  • Experian

Demographic Data

Integrating demographic data into decision making processes is essential to make informed and efficient business decisions. Managing marketing efforts, targeting direct mail, evaluating new sites and analyzing consumers are just a few areas where using demographic data makes a difference.

MarketMAPS product strategy is to provide you the data you need in the way you need it. We combine the required demographic data that best satisfy your needs in the formats you require: maps, web applications, databases and reports.

To accomplish this, MarketMAPS has strategic relationships with three market leaders: Nielsen Claritas, Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS) and Experian. These companies are known internationally for their high level of data quality & support.

Supported Databases Include:

  • Census Demographics
  • Estimates and Projections
  • Business Counts
  • Consumer Expenditures
  • Neighborhood Segmentation
  • Retail Potential
  • Assets and Debts
  • CrimeRisk
  • WeatherRisk and QuakeRisk
  • Consumer Behavior

The databases are available at all levels of postal, census & political geographies; such as 5-Digit ZIP Codes, Carrier Routes, Census Tracts and Block Groups. We also cover your custom radius, drive time & market area definitions.

Demographic Data Benefits

Demographic Data is used by thousands of companies for many purposes:

  • Target direct mail
  • Profile clients
  • Prioritize leads
  • Identify new markets
  • ...and more!

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  • Demographic Maps

    Demographic Maps

  • Demographic Web Applications and Reports

    Demographic Web Applications and Reports

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