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Population Maps


Gain a more in-depth understanding of markets and locations with a custom income map. With income data from leading providers, our data maps can feature any level of detail and scale from the entire US all the way down to block groups.

Have specific parameters in mind? Our experts will help create the perfect data map for your business.
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Use an Income Map to make Informed Business Decisions
Income maps can tell a story your spreadsheets can't. With a demographic map, you gain a unique visual
insight into the important geographic relationships among your data sets. Our experts will create a map that
assures you make all your business decisions with confidence.
Key Features:
  • Choose from - Current Year Estimates, Future Projections or
    Census Data.
  • Include variables like median household income, average
    household income, number of households by income range and
    household income by age.
  • Display data at any level of geography - State, County, ZIP Code,
    Carrier Route, Census Tract, Block Group or even Custom Area!
  • View your demographics with any type of representation -
    Thematic Shading, Labels, Dot Density, Reports or even customize
    how your data is represented.
  • MarketMAPS works with the best data providers –
    Applied Geographic Solutions Inc., Nielsen, Experian and more!
  • View your demographic map as a wall map or digital map.
    Our wall maps range from 2x3 to 9x12 feet and can even be
    custom sized. Digital maps can be downloaded as a PDF or AI.
Key Benefits:
  • Optimize the site selection process. Find the best
    neighborhoods for your newest sites.
  • Build out territories based on the most up-to-date income 
  • Enhance targeting for your direct marketing campaigns
    and maximize ROI.
  • Profile customers - Discover what income brackets they fall into.
Your Demographic Map Shows the Data you Need
More Demographic Variables
Your maps can feature any combination of demographic variables –
gender, age, race, population, household data and more!
Other Data Maps
We also provide sales data maps, customer and competitor location maps
and more!
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Income Map by county
Data Map displayed by county.
Population Maps are available at the County, ZIP Code, Carrier Route, Census Tract level and more!
Demographic Maps are available at the County, ZIP
Code, Carrier Route, Census Tract level and more!
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